My name is Abby Fraioli and I am a UX designer in New York City.  I have a background in IT consulting and product development. My combination of analytical and design skills allow me to holistically analyze problems and design meaningful solutions.

Prior to completing General Assembly's 10 week User Experience Immersive bootcamp, I co-founded the health tech startup, Jubel.  Jubel is focused on improving the pregnancy experience through individualized health insights.  During my time there, I assumed many different roles.  I led efforts in user experience design, financial and market analysis, product design, research, operations, and more.  My main focus was understanding the user and designing an app to address their needs.  

Prior to that, I worked for over four years as a consultant at MRE Consulting, a company specialized in the development and implementation of enterprise systems. During my time there, I functioned in a variety of roles across the software development lifecycle including business analyst, project manager, and QA engineer.

In my opinion, like a good design, life should be balanced.  Other than design, my hobbies include running, cooking, and FaceTiming with my two year old nephew! 

Thanks for stopping by my portfolio!