Process is the reason I got into UX design.


During my time at the startup, Jubel, I worked closely with several UX designers.  I was amazed by their ability to efficiently solve design problems.  I learned that the designers were able to do this by using a process.  I now have a process of my own that I use to solve design problems.  My process consists of understanding the landscape by conducting research, deriving meaning from the findings, developing a design approach, and designing a solution.  I start by conducting research to gain an understanding of the user needs, business goals, and market dynamics.  Next, I analyze the research findings, looking for patterns and themes.  Once I collect sufficient research, I develop a design approach by brainstorming and prioritizing design features that support the themes.  Once I have an approach, I begin designing a solution.  This phase involves building, testing, and iterating the designs and preparing them for handoff.